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Suid-Afrika se missie by die Verenigde Nasies (VN) in Genève, Switserland wat die VF Plus gister wou keer om ʼn voorlegging oor Suid-Afrika se gebrekkige regstelsel en die hoë voorkoms van plaasmoorde en moord in die land te doen, het ʼn bloutjie geloop toe Amerika ingegryp en aanbeveel het dat die voorlegging gelewer moet word.

Die missie se woordvoerder het rassisme en apartheid opgehaal in die argumente en aangevoer daar kan nie van Suid-Afrika se regering verwag word om statistiek oor moorde aan ras te koppel nie.

Die syfers wat die VF Plus in sy voorlegging gebruik het – soos oor plaasmoorde – sluit egter alle rasse sonder onderskeid in.

Volgens mnr. André Fourie, voorsiter van die VF Plus se komitee oor internasionale verhoudinge en raadslid vir die Stad Kaapstad, wat die voorlegging gedoen het, het dié poging van die missie net die teenoorgestelde uitwerking gehad.

Amerika het tewens aanbeveel dat die voorlegging ‘onmiddellik’ gelewer word en lidlande het daarna met groter aandag geluister na die VF Plus se voorlegging wat voor die Menseregtekommissie van die VN se Forum oor Minderheidsregte gelewer is.

Mnr. Fourie sê die gebeure maak dit duidelik dat die wêreld nou lank genoeg na die verskonings van apartheid en rassisme geluister het wat die ANC aanbied om hul mislukkings mee te verdedig.

Hier volg die VF Plus se volledige voorlegging:



Geneva Switzerland 24.25 November 2015

Presented by:

Andre Fourie – Chairman: International Relations – Freedom Front Plus South Africa

Notwithstanding the annual rebuttal by the South African government delegation, wishing us away, we are back here to draw the attention of this Minority Forum to the alarming increase in and the continuous brutal murders of farmers and farm workers, in the privacy of their farms, taking place in our country since 1994, without the necessary protection and/or prohibitive measures in place within our Criminal Justice System.

We have no option but to internationalise the violence and atrocities directed at and targeting a strategic minority community enterprise responsible not only for food security, but – which contributes considerably to job creation, economic growth and the prosperity of the entire South African nation.

The urgent attention of this august body is called for in the light of:

  • Various commissions and committees of enquiries, plans and strategies, acknowledgements and commitments from the South African authorities having come to nothing;
  • An unacceptably high total of 1775 farm murders have been committed from 1990 to date – figures privately kept by TAUSA and Instiutute for Security Studies in the absence of official government statistics;
  • The overall annual murder rate in SA now stands at 17857 of which only 23.8% are brought to conviction – this proves how the Criminal Justice System fails the victims;
  • The comparative international murder figures showing an average of 7 murders per 100 000 people per year whereas South Africa registers 32 per 100 000 – but, if projected to specific categories it reflects 54 per 100 000 for police officers and a staggering 133 per 100 000 for farmers and farm workers;
  • The Criminal Justice System in South Africa has failed its own promise to put in place a proposed Area Crime Combatting Unit or Sector Policing System to replace the abolished highly successful Commando-protection-system; and
  • The decision by the policing authority, not to release these facts and figures related to farm murders since 2007, as a separate category, serves as an indictment against their clear neglect to protect this particular minority entity.

Therefore, we, the Freedom Front Plus of South Africa, together with other registered South African participants at this Forum –

Request this 8th Forum on Minority Issues to share and adopt our grave concerns, and – to refer this matter to the Human Rights Commission and the Secretary General of the United Nations for its own investigation into this continuous cruel and violent practice committed with brutal force, and – often extreme torture, against the South African farming fraternity.

I sincerely hope that the panel who introduced this item will take the trouble to take this matter on board and pay SA a visit to inform themselves!