On Monday evening, 19 February 2018 the Joint Operational and Intelligence Structure (JOINTS) at national and provincial levels, will be embarking on multidisciplinary simulation exercises.

The primary objective of these exercises, is to allow the security forces to hone their skills in preparation for any eventuality.

The exercises will take place in Midrand and Kempton Park at 22:00 on 19 February 2018. The exercises will be conducted simultaneously.

The JOINTS on all levels will consist of several government departments and other agencies, which regularly meet and cooperate when major events, natural disasters, crises and multidisciplinary crime-combating operations take place.
A decision was taken by the National Joint Operational and Intelligence Structure (NATJOINTS) to conduct exercises in various provinces in order to ensure that all role players from different disciplines can work together in a coordinated manner. This will ensure that, as a collective, we are in a position to effectively deal with any situation, whether it be proactively or reactively. It is also intended to test the very important concepts of command, control, coordination, communication and intelligence-sharing among role players from different environments.
The communities of Midrand and Kempton Park are informed of these simulation exercises and are requested not to be alarmed by the increased movement of security forces and emergency services in the air and on the ground, as well as by loud bangs or explosions over the six hours of the exercises.
We have consulted with community and business structures near the venues of the scenarios, and we have briefed them thoroughly. Despite the slight disruption in their ordinary day-to-day activities, they have indicated their understanding and offered their support.