The IFP calls on President Zuma to take swift and drastic action against parastatal heads who are not performing as expected and not accounting for public funds.

“First culprits in this matter must be Eskom executives who have failed dismally in their allotted duties which has resulted in major crisis at Eskom. The country is experiencing load shedding due to inept leadership from those appointed to senior management positions at Eskom. These people must be fired without fear or favour and capable, suitably qualified and experienced individuals must be appointed to fix the mess done by the current leadership,” said IFP National Chairperson, Mr Blessed Gwala.

“President Zuma must act to bring back the trust that has been eroded from the public both nationally and internationally. It is not enough to continue paying lip service when huge amounts of public funds are being lost. The IFP strongly recommends the outright dismissal of Chief Executive Officers at parastatals that had allowed such irregularities to be perpetuated and that law enforcement agencies should swiftly deal with all culprits,” continued Mr Gwala.

“Government needs to fire officials responsible for corruption and laziness. No reasonable person can conclude that they are doing a good job. Therefore, I am calling upon government to fire them immediately before more damage is done,” concluded Mr Gwala.

The IFP further calls on President Zuma and his Cabinet to consider the proposal made by its President that government should privatise and not pump money into state-owned companies such as SAA and Eskom.