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The IFP in KwaZulu-Natal expresses its condemnation of the ANC’s attempts to bribe voters in the by-election in the Mthonjaneni area.

“We are shocked to hear that at a crèche nearby KwaGconco food parcels were being distributed on the by-election day. This smacks of attempting to bribe vote. It is unethical to use state resources as an election tool and is an act of desperation. It can also be viewed as electoral fraud as it goes against the grain of free and fair campaigning,” said Mr Blessed Gwala, IFP National Chairperson.

“This blatant use of state resources comes after the National Minister of Social Development campaigned in the area followed by various MECs and even the Premier of the province. In all of those visits tax payer’s money was used in the pretext that they were government programmes when in reality they were ANC rallies. How can the ANC justify such disregard of the electoral code? How low will it stoop to entice people to vote for them? Such acts must be investigated by the IEC. In spite of the ANC’s dirty tricks we are hopeful that we will win the ward and take control of the municipality where we will restore good governance again”, concluded Mr Gwala.