The overall North West dam levels continue to drop lower, moving from last week’s 79.0% to 78.5%.

Some large dams in the province have been in a state of decline, despite the recent rainfall in some parts of the province. A weekly report on status of reservoirs issued by the Department of Water and Sanitation early this week has shown that the recent rains had little impact if at all.

The following dams have shown a decline this week compared to last week. Buffelspoort Dam from 99.9% to 99.6%; Bospoort Dam from 100.0% to 99.5%; Lindsleypoort Dam from 45.1% to 41.4%; Klipvoor Dam from100.4% to 98.7%; Roodekopjes Dam from 100.8% to 100.3%; Marico Bosveld Dam from 94.3% to 94.0%; Molatedi Dam from 49.0% to 48.8%; Madikwe Dam from 68.8% to 68.0%; Setumo Dam from 48.0% to 47.8%; Ngotwane Dam from 51.7% last week to 51.3%; Hartbeespoort Dam from 99.3% to 98.2%.
However, only Taung Dam increased from 94.9% to 96.2%. Vaalkop Dam (74.8%); Boskop Dam (100.7%); Disaneng Dam (64.9%) and Koster Dam (49.2%) remain unchanged this week.

The Department of Water and Sanitation would like to urge members of the public to value water and use it sparingly.