Following last year’s student march to the Union buildings in Pretoria, Jacob Zuma set-up a commission to “look into the question of Free Education”. When this happened, the EFF Students Command was the first to warn the South African public that this was nothing but a ploy by Gedley’hlekisa ward off pressure from his government and subsequently trivialize our collective calls for the introduction of Free Education in our lifetime. True to our warning, the commission has since shifted the goalposts by changing its terms of reference from looking for means towards the inception of free education to being a commission to “investigate the feasibility free education.” The news terms of reference are an insult to all students of this country hence we have not dignified it with our presence and participation. Accordingly, the EFF Students Commission has distanced itself from this commission.

Stemming from the Commission, we are also told that Blade’s minions, SAUS, have decided to declare a nationwide student strike after having realised or having come to grips with the true nature of the commission.

The EFF Students Command, again, vehemently distances itself from this nationwide student strike which is scheduled to start tomorrow morning. Following this statement, we will issue a directive to all our branches in both Universities and TVETS making it clear that no EFF Students Command activists should form part of any mass action that is organized by SAUS (and/or its PYA collaborators)

At this point, it is prudent to remind the nation that from the start, our struggle was never about fee increment and/or non-fee increment, it is against this background that the Students Command refuses to immerse itself in squabbles that are remotely connected to the original question of Free, Quality Education in our Lifetime. In summation, the Central Students Command Team( EFFSC National Central Committee) bids well wishes to all our branches who will be contesting SRC elections in the month of August and September respectively. We must keep the main things main and not be bothered by senseless protests that have nothing to do with the genuine struggles of students, as waged by reactionary formations of our times.

Let us work very hard in these elections to ensure maximum victory.