Anti-Israel protests across South Africa, boycott pickets outside Woolworths stores selling Israeli goods, academic boycotts of Israeli universities, calls to deregister Jewish students at South African universities and an anti-Zionist attack on religious Jewish teenagers at a Johannesburg mall. The efforts to isolate Israel and those associated with it are growing in South Africa.

Why should we care about a conflict so far away in the Middle East and does South Africa have a role to play in resolving it?

While the struggle between Israelis and Palestinians continues, tensions between pro-Palestinian and pro-Israeli groups on South African soil are seemingly also rising.

The stand-off has most notably taken form between the Jewish Board of Deputies which represents many Jewish South Africans and, the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaign (BDS), a pro-Palestinian group lobbying for a boycott against Israel. The Jewish Board of Deputies warns that the increasing anti-Jewish hate speech at pro-Palestinian rallies and on university campuses points to a worrying trend and should not be left unchecked. BDS says the Jewish Board plays the anti-Semitism card as part of a propaganda drive in support of what they deem, the apartheid state of Israel.

Does South Africa have a role to play in finding a negotiated settlement between Israel and Palestine?

Alan Horwitz from Jewish Voices for a Just Peace, says: “As the situation in the Middle East becomes more radicalised, so too can we expect the situation in SA to become more radicalised.”

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