To Die For

In Zulu, great men are called iNkakha – a named derived from the pangolin. In Tsonga, it is called the Khwara – the trait of toughness is associated with it. In Afrikaans it is called the Ietermagog because of its habit of eating insects. The…

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Spieners (Part 1)

It’s every motorist’s worst fear – being held up at gunpoint and hijacked or having their car stolen. According to police crime statistics, the past four years has seen an upwards trajectory in car hijackings. The country’s hotspots for this crime are Johannesburg, followed closely…

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War on Women

“War on Women” tells of the alarmingly high rate of rape in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). The country has since the mid-1990s been involved in various outbreaks of civil war. Rape has become a way of life for many soldiers. It is used…

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Love Our Elderly

In “LOVE OUR ELDERLY’’ we uncover cases at Middelburg State Hospital in Mpumalanga, where elderly patients are admitted for hip fractures and die a few months later. Families of the deceased and other stakeholders believe the elderly patients died due to gross medical neglect. Bets…

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Tender Sharks

This week’s Special Assignment looks at scam syndicates that approach unsuspecting people on the supplier databases of various government departments and pretend to be the respective government departments. The scammers then instruct these suppliers to send three quotes for jobs under a million rand to…

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