August 2, 2016, New York…Rapaport Auctions and Trading is pleased to offer clients the opportunity to purchase parcels of melee that are 100% natural and untreated. Every single diamond in these parcels is tested using the latest Gemological Institute of America (GIA) equipment and testing technology. In addition, Rapaport will offer parcels that have been statistically sample tested at a 99% significance level to a 1% tolerance level.

The first 100% natural and untreated melee diamond parcels and sample tested parcels will be offered for sale at the upcoming Rapaport auction to be held August 9-18. Prices for these parcels will be set by the bidders. Rapaport Auctions will continue to offer regular non-tested parcels of diamonds as not all types of diamonds can be tested. All auction buyers that buy non-tested diamonds will have an opportunity to have suitable diamonds tested before taking delivery from Rapaport.

Rapaport will also be offering non-auction buyers an opportunity to place custom orders for select melee and larger sizes that will be quality control graded and synthetic tested by Rapaport before delivery to clients. Rapaport operates RapLab quality control facilities in Mumbai, Ramat Gan and New York.

Clients interested in purchasing 100% natural untreated diamonds or sample tested diamonds may email or call +1-702-893-9400.

“Melee diamond markets are under pressure due to the unethical behavior of dealers who mix synthetic diamonds into parcels of natural diamonds. It is vital that we create legitimate markets for natural diamonds by statistically sample testing melee parcels and, where possible and practical, testing all diamonds in a parcel to ensure that buyers have an opportunity to source 100% guaranteed natural untreated diamonds.

Rapaport Auctions will be providing thousands of carats of statistically sample tested melee as well as select parcels of 100% tested melee at our upcoming August 9-18 auctions. The diamond industry must protect the promise of diamonds and the integrity of the trade by separating natural diamonds from synthetics. We are pleased to be the first to offer our clients an opportunity to buy 100% tested natural untreated melee,” said Ezriel Rapaport, Director of Rapaport Global Trading.