The Inkatha Freedom Party calls on National Police Commissioner, Riah Phiyega, to resign with immediate effect.

IFP spokesperson on Police, Mr Albert Mncwango, MP, said,”We call upon the National Commissioner of Police to step down with immediate effect. The office she holds, the police services and country have been brought into grave disrepute under her watch. Lives have been lost, families broken and the reputation and integrity of SAPS is currently at its lowest level”.

Mncwango added,”Ms Riah Phiyega should do the right thing for once in her career, and step down. By dragging this matter out, she will only further tarnish the image of the SAPS”.

The Inkatha Freedom Party calls for a career police officer who has the requisite experience and fitness to hold office to be appointed as National Police Commissioner. Any derogation from the above criteria will once again severely prejudice the SAPS.