Mothers of drug-addicted children often have to suffer the pain of seeing their children deteriorate and feeling helpless after having trying everything, to get them help. Often, these mothers also have to deal with angry communities as a result of their children’s actions.

But, in this this week’s Special Assignment we see that more and more women are deciding to fight the scourge of drug-abuse in their communities, by being in the forefront of the wars against drugs. This comes at great risk to their lives, but they are determined to claim back their streets and children from the drug lords.

“Warrior Women” shines the spotlight on the work of three powerful women from different communities, united by the same vision to eradicate substance abuse. In Eldorado Park, we meet Dereleen James who is stepping up the fight against Lolly-lounges and drug trafficking in her communities and saving addicted and often sexually exploited girls. Dereleen is supported by other strong women such as Liezl Valloo who runs a shelter for children and young women that have been rescued from Lolly-lounges. Kilometres away, in Eesterus in Pretoria – Desiree Fisher – has also been inspired to take action against drug-abuse. She is campaigning for a multi-purpose treatment centre in her community.

Similarly, the pain of seeing what drugs can do to children, spurned Cindy Le Grange into action. For her, this hit close to home when her brother lost his life as a result of his addiction. She has established a magazine which aims to teach communities about drug and addiction problems and to help provide solutions for those affected.

Watch “Warrior Women” produced by Lee McCabe. It will be broadcast on Special Assignment – aired Sundays on SABC 3 at 20:30PM.