Today the Inkatha Freedom Party celebrates taking over control of the Ntambanana Municipality that was in the hands of the ANC/NFP alliance.

“We are happy to announce that the IFP has taken rightful control of the Ntambanana Municipality. Whilst this municipality was under the control of the unholy alliance of the ANC and the NFP, service delivery suffered due to the constant squabbles between those two parties. This clearly demonstrates that people do not have confidence in the ANC and the NFP. It also signals that the IFP is once again on the rise and is now unstoppable. This give us confidence as we move towards the 2016 Local Government Elections”, said IFP National Chairman, Hon Blessed Gwala MPL

“We are jubilant, not just for us as a party but for the people of Ntambanana because we know that they have full confidence in the IFP to restore efficient service delivery and good governance. People of Ntambanana and other areas have realised that their municipalities cannot be run by a coalition and they have resolved to turn to the IFP as was seen in recent by-elections that were won by the IFP. People in these areas know that when the IFP was in control in their municipalities, they received efficient service delivery and that is why they have decided to give their support to the IFP. We thank the people who have supported this move and assure them that their municipality is once again in good hands,” concluded Hon Gwala.