The Deputy Minister of Police, Bongani Mkhongi, has noted with dismay yet another daring heist by criminals in Delft, Cape Town, who shot and subdued security guards, firing at the police on sight, leaving with an undisclosed amount of money. The police however, working with greater vigour and determination, have already found the getaway car, a Fiat, not far away from Delf. This is in line with our commitment to continue to squeeze the space against criminals and soon there will be no room for them to manoeuvre their illicit activities.

The Ministry of Police would like to ”reassure” the community of Delf that as the police we are searching every nook and cranny of this metro and province looking for these criminals and we will find them. In line with our previous commitments, Delf is not going to hold the highest ring of the criminal ladder in the country and be a haven for criminals. We ask all community members to work with the police and provide every little information that may be useful in apprehending these criminals in the shortest possible time. It is our commitment to intensify police visibility in all critical areas such as malls, shopping complexes and ATMs in order to minimize robberies and heists.

Our commitment in dealing with criminals in a ‘lean and mean’ fashion is starting to bear fruits and we are going to continue to heighten our efforts towards greater efficiency and effectiveness.

The police will keep the public updated on further the details of the heist in Delf.

Press Release from the SAPS published ‘as is’