During Parliament’s state capture inquiry, Former Eskom CEO Brian Dames testified that “Eskom was in bad shape” and former Eskom employee, Ted Blom, accused Eskom of single-handedly wrecking South Africa’s economy. He also said “a kilowatt hour of electricity should cost 30c and not almost 80c” and that South Africa would have a booming economy with little unemployment”

Blom said that there was a missing TRILLION RANDS

Earlier Brian Dames testified to have been at the Midrand Sahara Computers offices where the Gupta’s informed him that “they have decided that they can work with him”

Blom testified that Eskom is guilty of deliberate financial manipulation.

Allegedly ESKOM inflated their asset base in order to borrow more money and now ESKOM cannot repay those loans.

Further allegations are that McKinsey and Accenture and well as many other consultancy firms thrive of ESKOM and that a lot of the ESKOM work are done by consultants and not staff employed by ESKOM and that ESKOM is paying overpaying by many times (allegedly as much as 400%) what they should, per tonne of coal.

Blom also accused ESKOM of fraud during 2007, by knowingly accepting to pay twice as much for coal, on a specific contract (R110 per tonne instead of R55 per tonne) and that this corrupt deal was later reversed with the specific intention of not enabling Blom to expose the fraud.