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The EFF Students Command notes the announcement made by the Ghost Minister, Blade Nzimande, on fee increments being left to universities with vehement disparagement.

The clarion call for free education is not one to be ignored nor sidelined due to the failure of the ANC to devise and generate monetary means to fund education. The students of South Africa have made it clear that they will not succumb to any detour besides that of free, quality, decolonised and well resourced education. The failure of the ANC to deliver free education to the bearers of their failed democracy is an outright call to the students to revolt against not only the institutions of higher learning but the ANC.

The EFF Students Command supports the inevitable national shutdown down of all institutions to demand the fall of fees! We urge the students of South Africa to guard against the voice of the enemy which chameleons and parades in our spaces as progressive when it is regressive. Ours is to usher liberation as obligated to our generation by any means necessary.

The time to use education as a tool to intentionally separate Black communities, no different from the rule of Apartheid, is over! Education has been used as a tool to trap Black people in an obtrusive circle that has no exit towards economic freedom for far too long. Education has been used together by the ANC and the capitalist institutions to do what they do best, to steal from the poor and marginalised in order to feed their greed and their existential purpose of maintaining the status quo. This game of intellectual bankruptcy has officially collapsed!

We refuse any other alternative as presented by the Minister of Nowhere To be Found.We will not present our livelihoods as a sacrifice to be consumed by police brutality for the fall of a mere increment. We will forge the struggle for free education now!

We want free education and it is free education we will get!