Hawks’ Commercial Crime Unit had an intelligence driven operation on Thursday 18 August 2016 across the province which led to the arrest of a 34-year-old male nurse in Sekororo village, just outside Tzaneen, for operating a pharmacy without a licenseas well the contravention of Medicine Control Act and theft.during seizure

During the search at his pharmacy, medicines which require a license to be sold and a prescription to purchase were found. Officers also found medicines which are believed to have been stolen from the Department of Health. The bogus chemist was shut down instantly. The suspect is expected to make his debut appearance in Maake Magistrate Court on 19 august 2016.

Meanwhile, the other bogus pharmacy which was using a license of another registered pharmacy to operate was also closed down at Mamaila village near Sekgosese. In this unlicensed pharmacy large quantity of
medicines, medical aid claim registers and other financial registers were also seized. The owner of the pharmacy is soon to be arrested for fraud, contravention of Medicine Control Act and operating a pharmacy without a license. Investigation continues.