Free Town, Sierra Leone: In the latest press briefing by the World Health Organisation, Dr Nabarro of the UN said “This Ebola disease outbreak is the largest and most complex we have ever known. Also a disease outbreak that has impact not just on people, but on the country and on the world”

He further added that the outbreak was still advancing and that it is now in many parts of Sierra Leone.

Dr Nabarro pleaded with African countries that have imposed a ban on flights, to lift restrictions. “Help us to know how to do this and reassure you that you are not exposed to risk. We have to do it together. Not possible to do it if the ban on planes coming in or touching down nearby is maintained”

Ebola in South Africa

SA Government banned flights to Ebola infected countries recently for fear of Ebola breaking out in South Africa.

Ebola world war
Are we losing or are we winning? I can’t make that judgment at this moment. We have not won it yet and we have to make certain that every possible thing to be done is being done. Most important part is to work together, everybody, business, volunteers, civil society, international community, everybody. This is not just an issue for Sierra Leone, it is an issue for the world, and that is why we are here.”

Dr Nabarro reports directly to the Secretary General of the United Nations and has been appointed to the role of UN Ebola liaison on the 12th of August 2014

In breaking news the World Health Organisation has temporarily pulled out of Kailahun after one of the WHO staff was infected with Ebola

WHO published two A3 posters for Health Workers in all areas regarding the wearing and removal of protective gear:
Put On Gear

Remove Gear