Last year, Special Assignment, exposed a shocking source of student entertainment – university students frequenting night clubs in Hillbrow to participate in live sex shows. Hillbrow is infamous as Johannesburg’s red light district, a place where you can find almost anything. Our investigation revealed that there were many such places in Hillbrow, licensed as bars that sell liquor, but were illegally facilitating these sex shows. Special Assignment identified two of these establishments – Maxime Hotel and Hillbrow Inn.  

Do the authorities consider these serious crimes that must be clamped down on?
While legal experts insist that these establishments must be shut down, this matter does not seem to be considered urgent by the City of Johannesburg and the police. A year later, we discover that not much has changed, despite the authorities having promised to take action.

In fact, Special Assignment also discovered another club called Diplomat in the inner city of Johannesburg, where patrons are allowed to perform any sexual acts on the stripper. These activities are illegal according to the Sexual Offences Act.

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