Pretoria: A dedicated task team comprising different units of the South African Police Service (SAPS), has been carrying out multidisciplinary, intelligence-driven operations in the drug-infested
Eldoradopark, Johannesburg since December 2015. The operation was initiated to manage the scourge of general and drug-related crimes and their negative impact on the community of Eldoradopark.

From the inception of this operation until the middle of February 2016, positive results have been achieved and the commitment and dedication of the team has dealt a significant blow to the escalating drug-related and general crimes in the area. The SAPS has been carrying out operations aimed at arresting drug traffickers and drug kingpins and conducted raids on identified drug outlets, which are in line with the Government’s Drug Master Plan to reduce the demand for and supply of drugs, and to minimize contact crimes related to drug abuse.

In this period, various operations including 177 observation operations, 239 foot patrols, 164 stop-and-searches and 106 vehicle searches, have been conducted in the area. Thirty-seven identified drug outlets and 385 persons were searched. Nine cases were registered and 34 suspects were arrested for drug-related crimes. Three of the suspects are drug kingpins and three others repeat offenders of drug-related crimes. One stolen motor vehicle, 10 cell phones, cash to the value of R71 221,90 as well as a variety of drugs, have been seized: One packet of cocaine; 265 packets of meth cathinone (Cat); 76.5 tablets of Mandrax; 24 rock crystals; 246 packets of crystal meth (Tik) and eight plants, 1 309 slopes, 479 zolls, 575 bankies and three loose packets of dagga.

Communities are called upon to continue exposing those in their midst who engage in drug-related crimes, as drug abuse is the main cause of social and moral deterioration in our society. We all need to act to fight this scourge that is destroying the very future of our society. Report any suspicious activities or suspicious persons to your nearest police station or anonymously to Crime Stop at 08600 10111.