As the latest drama surrounding the SABC Chairperson Ellen Tshabalala unfolded in Parliament today, the IFP called on the SABC Board Chairperson to do the right thing and resign from her position forthwith, failing which, President Zuma should move to suspend her until the matter can be dealt with by the National Assembly next year.

The IFP also took note with concern Ms Tshabalala’s decision to apply for leave to appeal a recent High Court decision that ruled the inquiry into her academic qualifications could go ahead.

“Ms Tshabalala attempted to block and delay this parliamentary process unnecessarily and purposefully. She has tried every trick in the book to stop Parliament from continuing with its inquiry because, as
evidence was led today, it became clear that she did not obtain the qualifications she boasted about when she was interviewed for the position. The SABC needs a functioning Board and credible Chairperson
and it is clear that Ms Tshabalala does not have the leadership skills or integrity required to lead the struggling public broadcaster. She must spare our nation and the SABC further embarrassment and resign,” said IFP MP Ms Liezl van der Merwe.

The IFP believes that at the conclusion of the inquiry, which found Ms Tshabalala guilty for having lied about her qualifications, and therefore guilty of misconduct, President Zuma must now act to suspend Tshabalala immediately.

“The spectacle that has unfolded pertaining to Ms Tshabalala’s phantom qualifications has not helped the already damaged reputation of the SABC Board and management, and the lack of credible leadership does not inspire any confidence in the SABC. As the IFP has time and time again warned, if the many crises that have beset the SABC are not resolved, there will come a time when citizens of our country will consider a campaign of civil disobedience, similar to the campaign against eTolls, against the SABC and its TV license fee,” concluded van der Merwe.