The IFP welcomes the IEC’s launch of the 2016 Local Government Election campaign and looks forward to the first voter registration weekend on 5 and 6 March 2016. Our campaign is well under way, for we believe in serving with excellence between elections as well as at election time.

We are working hard to win the hearts and minds of the South African electorate, knowing that this fight will be a tough one. Our opponents in the ruling party are known for using every tactic to get votes, whether ethical or not. Indeed we have repeatedly raised the concern of public funds being used to campaign for votes, which is like charging voters for their votes.

The high incidence of abuse of state resources has now been confirmed by national Treasury, which has seen fit to issue a circular warning that public funds must not be used for campaigning. When Treasury is obliged to do that, we have a serious problem.

The IFP will keep highlighting this abuse and raising awareness among voters that their vote is their choice. It can’t be bought, but must be earned.

That is the way the IFP does it. We respect our partnership with the South African electorate.

As our country is now on the road to elections, we invite voters to register and start evaluating which party will serve South Africa best. Let us make this a turning point for South Africa.