EASTERN CAPE – Thando Myendeki(35) and Mnoneleleli Godfrey Kabane (35) were sentenced by Mthatha Regional Court on 27 August 2021 for allegations of kidnapping,robbery,possession of firearm and ammunition and attempted murder on 27 August 2021.

It is reported that in September 2014,Constable Malizole Vayisi from Dalasile Police Station was serving the awaiting prisoners with food in Ngcobo Regional court cells when he was robbed of his official firearm by prisoners . It is said that immediately the police received information and rushed to assist . On arrival, they discovered that Luitenant Colonel Ntobeko Mdlathu and Constable Malizole Vayisi were shot though not fatally wounded. Subsequent to the culprits’ misconduct during detention, bail was denied for the whole trial period hence their sentencing on 27 August after a series of court appearances.

The accused were each sentenced 7 years for kidnapping,10 years for robbery,10 years for possession of firearm, 4 years for possession of ammunition and 10 years for attempted murder all to run concurrently meaning they will both spend 10 years incarcerated