Pretoria: 29 October 2015 – The South African Police Service’s Interpol Extradition Task Team will be vigorously opposing a bail application of an Israeli fugitive whom they (the task team) arrested earlier this month.

Shay Moslie, a 33-year old Israeli national, who is facing charges of murder and attempted murder is alleged to be tied to the Israeli underworld. He was arrested by Interpol after a request for his extradition was received from the Israeli law enforcement authorities. He is wanted in his home country, where he is due to face three murder and four conspiracy to commit murder charges.

The crimes Moslie is facing are alleged to have been committed somewhere in 2012, shortly after which he fled to South Africa. The South African authorities went on a manhunt once the Israeli authorities notified them of his presence in June this year and, within three months he had been identified, nabbed and brought to our courts from where the extradition proceedings will later commence.