The Inkatha Freedom Party welcomes President Jacob Zuma’s announcement yesterday that a board of inquiry into National Police Commissioner, Riah Phiyega’s fitness to hold office will be established.

IFP spokesperson on Police, Mr Albert Mncwango, MP, said, “We have been calling on the President to take this step for years now; The truth of the matter is that the current National Police Commissioner was never fit to hold this office. She is a civilian with no policing experience. This has been clearly evidenced in a string of bad decisions flowing from her office which has resulted in the unnecessary deaths of both police officers and civilians.”

“Morale in the SAPS is at an all-time low, our police officers are finding themselves indiscriminate targets for criminals just because they are wearing blue uniforms, public confidence in the SAPS is dwindling and it is therefore of the utmost urgency that a career-trained police official and leader be appointed to the office of National Police Commissioner in order to restore and rebuild morale and public confidence in the SAPS,” concluded Mncwango, MP.