The IFP in KwaZulu-Natal calls on the KwaZulu-Natal provincial police commissioner, Lieutenant-General Mamonye Ngobeni, to investigate and take action against police officers at the Taylors Police Station who have been described as incompetent by local residents.

“Elandskop residents have complained about the failure by the police to arrest criminals involved in cable theft and other crimes in their area. Police are accused of using administrative duties as excuses for not going out on the beat. This proves that many of the police officersthere are lazy and incompetent. Police officers who are found to be incompetent have no place in the SAPS and must be replaced by committed and dedicated personnel,” said IFP Leader in the KwaZulu-Natal Legislature, Mr Blessed Gwala, MPL.

“Police incompetence and mismanagement must be rectified right from the top. The SAPS is without visionary leadership at a time when the public is losing faith in its ability to protect us. Public hostility towards the police has been prevalent but low level, due to the general conduct of officers towards civilians, including bullying, and corruption. “Visible policing” makes up a significant portion of the SAPS crime fighting strategy, as it is a deterrent to crime and encourages community support in the work of the police,” continued Mr Gwala.

“There is no indication from government, however, that it plans to do anything to improve the police’s battered image and restore community confidence and co-operation. The police must show respect for the people living in the communities they serve. They must build trust by reaching out to those who do not see the police as a constructive part of their community and lives,” concluded Mr Gwala.

The IFP reminds the provincial police commissioner that she and her department are there to serve our people with integrity and dedication, and it is time to get the job done. She needs to realise that the honeymoon is over. She must show leadership or be replaced by someone who is capable of doing the job of protecting our people.