Minister Fikile Mbalula has learnt with shock that a brazen attempted armed hijacking of Miss South Africa, Miss Nel-Peters. This happened early this evening (07 June 2017) near Hyde Park Corner Shopping Mall, Johannesburg.

Miss Nel-Peters was unharmed in the incident. As part of the Minister’s outreach to in particular female and children victims of crime, Minister Mbalula, contacted Miss Nel-Peters and Miss South Africa Organization and shared words of comfort. “As it can be understood, Miss Nel-Peters is shaken but in good spirit and safe – she has incredible courage” Minister Fikile Mbalula said. The personal belongings of Miss South Africa were taken, but the suspects fled without taking her car. The Police are at the crime scene and conducting interviews and scene investigations. Minister Mbalula views all crimes against women as an added priority and has reiterated that, “We have no time to waste time” as criminals terrorizes citizens especially our women and children. The Minister vows to continue deploying all resources needed in the fight against violent crimes and crimes against women whether at their homes or outside their homes. The Minister recognizes the important role played by Miss South Africa in our country to inspire and give hope to the youth especially young women. Minister Mbalula want to assure South Africans that, the might of the law will deal with these criminals and all criminals who are hell bent to make South Africans prisoners of fear. Minister Mbalula said; “No resources will be spared in the fight against crime. Enough is enough was two decades ago, now is the time to take the war against crime direct to these enemies of the people, it should be made a societal shame when armed men point deadly weapons at females, these cowards are called amagwala”. Minister Fikile Mbalula reiterates his message to SAPS to treat each reported crime against women as a priority anywhere, whether in Hyde Park or Pimville and urges South Africans to report criminals and stop buying stolen goods or suspected stolen goods as this fuels the market for crime. “Each father, brother, uncle must realize that each crime against a female could be a crime against a sister, mother or aunt. Men must protect their women folk and not turn them into prey.”