The Inkatha Freedom Party in KwaZulu-Natal welcomes the ruling of the Pietermaritzburg High Court that ordered two Kokstad Municipality officials to pay back the money after they were found to be negligent in doing their work.

“This ruling is a bold step in the right direction as it sends a clear message to all state employees that they can be held personally accountable for their actions. Officials who are employed and entrusted to do to a particular job must understand the responsibilities that come with their work. They apply for the post and declare via their CVs that they are competent and qualified for the post. They were not forced into those posts, so they must do their work with diligence and honesty. Far too often officials at all levels of government are found to have been negligent in their work and their negligence or incompetence results in huge financial losses for the state while they get away with a slap on the wrist or resign”, said IFP Spokesperson on Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs, Inkosi Mzamo Buthelezi, MPL.

“There is no point in having legislation such as the Municipal Finance Management Act, the Public Finance Management Act, Supply Chain Management and audit processes if officials flout these rules and get away without any punitive repercussions to themselves personally,” continued Inkosi Buthelezi.

“Very often huge amounts of money are wasted on commissions of enquiry into allegations of fraud and corrupt activities on the part of state employees, but the findings of those reports are not acted upon to protect cadres deployed by the ruling party. As a result of this state funds that could be used to improve the lives of our people are squandered and our people are deprived of essential services. Corruption, maladministration, fraud and incompetence will become things of the past if those found guilty of such indiscretions are made to be personally accountable for their actions. If they are made to pay back the money out of their own pockets, then they will be forced to think twice before behaving in a criminal manner”, concluded Inkosi Buthelezi.