“It will be interesting to see how many times President Zuma blames Apartheid in his ‘State of the Nation’ address, for the woeful state of the nation, which has become the legacy of ANC rule,” says Rev. Theunis Botha, leader of the Christian Democratic Party (CDP).

“We call on the President to deliver a proper ‘State of the Nation’ address, aimed at true reconciliation and with a visionary directive for the future of the country. We however, do not expect much his address, as the ANC has time and again shown an unwillingness to take responsibility for their failures, and in so doing has been unsuccessful in finding real solutions.

‘We do not expect him to use the opportunity to declare farm attacks a priority crime, nor to focus on restoring previous agreements with organised agriculture, most of which have recently been broken, but he can at least prepare the way for his ministers to make the appropriate announcements as soon as possible.

“One cannot, however, refer to the ‘State of the Nation’ address without mentioning the threats made by the EFF to disrupt the occasion for cheap political gain and condemn what they are doing in the strongest terms.”