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ER24 is proud to announce that it has partnered with KardioFit.

KardioFit, a company that is focused on helping prevent heart attacks, stroke and kidney failure as a result of uncontrolled hypertension, has introduced a new approach to treating high blood pressure in the country.

People will now be able to manage their health with the help of portable devices and a wellness application that connects them to ER24 and healthcare practitioners.

If your blood pressure reading exceeds 180/110 mmHg, ER24 will dispatch an ambulance.

In addition, if you have low or normal blood pressure but still presenting with signs of a heart attack or a stroke, ER24 can be contacted via the SOS button.

Andrew Boden, the Chief Executive Officer of ER24, believes that KardioFit and ER24 compliment each other in a number of ways. “Both are highly focused on customer service excellence. We have values that are aligned. ER24 and KardioFit share a view of the future regarding lifestyle diseases, monitoring and early intervention that ultimately will be one of the most significant factors in managing healthcare costs in the future. Both are focused on and cognizant of the role and impact of appropriate technology in healthcare. I am excited about the relationship and see great things developing down the line,” he said.

Michael Emery, the General Manager of Sales and Marketing for ER24, welcomes the partnership with KardioFit. “Any emergency that can be prevented by the use of technology is a great innovation. With the burden of disease in an aging population, innovation like KardioFit allows like minded organisations, such as ER24 and the KardioFit team, to find healthcare solutions for people with health issues that were previously not managed,” he said.

KardioFit’s partners include Run/Walk for Life and Mediclinic.

For further information about KardioFit, visit www.kardiofit.co.za