The Cape Party has changed its name and will contest the upcoming Local Government Elections as the CAPE INDEPENDENCE PARTY.

Announcing the launch and name change, party leader Jack Miller said the push for an independent state in the Western Cape is capturing the imagination of the voting public.

“Cape Independence is now an inevitability which more and more people are accepting as the only solution to perennial ANC Rule”

Miller contends that the democratic will of the people of the Western Cape can never be served by remaining part of South Africa.

“The Western Cape is fundamentally at odds with the eight other provinces. And no matter how often the people of the Western Cape vote to keep the ANC out, we can never get the result we want”

Discussing the change of name Miller says that in general most people informally referred to the party by its new name.

“Cape Independence is and has been our signature issue for over a decade and its fitting that our name should easily convey our number one priority”

For more information contact Jack Miller on 082 873 1322