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The IFP demands that the KZN MEC of Health must provide suitable answers about how an all-important medical file for Rose Sosibo who was burnt on her face, hands and feet went missing at Christ the King Hospital in Ixopo.

“We want to know how the important document went missing in the hospital and how they can assist her to register for a social grant. This patient also needs this file so that she can be able to submit a claim to the Road Accident Fund. This shows that there is poor medical record keeping in hospitals,” said IFP KZN Provincial Health Spokesperson, Mrs Ncamisile Nkwanyana, MPL.

“MEC Dhlomo must urgently implement measures to limit medical negligence in provincial hospitals. The single overriding question is do we have a workable system in place in this country that allows a patient to easily report medical negligence? When important documents go missing at hospitals, patients are severely inconvenienced. There has to be more accountability by hospital management and staff”, concluded Mrs Nkwanyana.