Stellenbosch, South Africa; The seeds and wild-cards were announced by Tennis South Africa on Monday ahead of the Digicall Futures 3 international tennis tournament which is being played at the Maties Tennis Club at the University Of Stellenbosch this week.

South Africa’s Chanel Simmonds was named as top women’s seed for this week’s tournament with Zimbabwean Valeria Bhunu seeded to meet Simmonds in the final. Russian Margarita Lazareva and Germany’s Katharina Hering are seeded three and four respectively.

Simmonds is the only South African seed in the women’s draw.

As in the previous two tournaments of the Digicall Futures Series, only two South African men namely Lloyd Harris and Nik Scholtz have been seeded in the men’s draw. On form Harris is seeded two behind top seed Jordi Samper-Montana of Spain whom Harris beat comfortably in the final of the Digicall Futures 2 on Sunday. Scholtz, Harris’ Davis Cup team mate, is seeded four behind third seed Alessandro Bega of Italy.

Harris is on an impressive 5 tournament winning streak and a win on Sunday in the Digicall Futures 3 will set all sorts of records.

The main draw will be played from Tuesday 15 November with the final scheduled for Sunday 20 November.

The Digicall Futures 3 is the last of three back to back international men’s and women’s tournaments being played in Stellenbosch.

The seeds are;


  1. Jordi Samper-Montana (ESP)
  2. Lloyd Harris (RSA)
  3. Alessandro Bega (ITA)
  4. Nik Scholtz (RSA)
  5. Francesco Vilardo (ITA)
  6. Christoph Negritu (GER)
  7. Dekel Bar (ISR)
  8. James Marsalek (GBR)


  1. Chanel Simmonds (RSA)
  2. Valeria Bhunu (ZIM)
  3. Margarita Lazareva (RUS)
  4. Katharina Hering (GER)
  5. Lauren Embree (USA)
  6. Jaeda Daniel (USA)
  7. Erika Vogelsang (NED)
  8. Julyette Steur (GER)

The wild-cards are;


  1. Alessandro Bega (ITA)
  2. Joshua Howard-Tripp (RSA)
  3. Philip Henning (RSA)
  4. Altus Karsten (RSA)


  1. Megan Basson (RSA)
  2. Evangeline Du Toit (RSA)
  3. Megan Lombardi (RSA)
  4. Danica Malan (RSA)