The South African Police Service (SAPS) has noted recent media reports on the “shortage” of DNA and Rape Kits across the country with concern. This is indeed the situation at some of the police stations.


The situation is such that the SAPS had entered into a tender process to procure more evidence collection kits. Two of the suppliers that took part in the bid process were disqualified because they could not meet the specifications as outlined by the department. During this process, the SAPS however discovered that the third supplier that did meet the required specifications is currently under criminal investigation. Therefore, the SAPS could not continue with the awarding of the tender.


In the meantime, to avoid a total lack of these resources, SAPS has embarked on a procurement process through a quotation basis. In the process, we have identified some companies and we are currently assessing their suitability to provide the required evidence collection kits.


To ensure that that we continue to provide an efficient and effective policing service, the SAPS is also currently in the process of redistributing the evidence collection kits to clusters and stations that are experiencing shortages. The SAPS is satisfied that these actions will ensure that there is sufficient stock for a period of two months whilst the acquisition process unfolds.