The Inkatha Freedom Party again expresses its concern at the ongoing road carnage caused by reckless and negligent driving on our roads as the Easter holiday season is upon us.

“Citizens travelling on our roads do not feel safe especially in view of many drivers who are seen to exceed the speed limit, involved in dangerous overtaking and ignoring basic road safety rules. Unfortunately many of these incidents do not result in the culprits being brought to book. Very often there are many vehicles that are unroadworthy still on our roads and even transporting passengers. This cannot be allowed to continue unchallenged as numerous lives are lost on our roads on a daily basis and families are left devastated. We have witnessed far too many holidays turn into tragedies. The visibility of alert traffic officials will go a long way in ensuring safety on our roads”, said IFP National Chairman, Mr Blessed Gwala MPL.

“It is of utmost importance that vehicles that transport passengers are put through stringent road worthy tests to ensure that they comply with all safety requirements. Furthermore it is incumbent upon those who employ the drivers of vehicles that transport passengers to ensure that they are qualified to do so and are of sober habits. Far too often we find that drunken driving and unroadworthy vehicles are at the centre of accidents that could have been avoided. Over the next week there will be a huge increase in road traffic volumes and therefore it is important that all road users are alert and not overcome by fatigue. Employers of long distance drivers must ensure that they do not spend long hours on the roads without adequate rest as driver fatigue is a major contributor to road accidents.We take this opportunity to wish all citizens a safe and enjoyable Easter vacation”, concluded Mr Gwala.