The Minister of Police, Mr Fikile Mbalula condemns the attack incident where Emergency Medical Services personnel were transporting an eight year old child to hospital were ambushed and robbed along the N2 near Borcheds Quarry two days ago.

The child later died after being off loaded into another ambulance following the robbery where concrete slabs were placed along the freeway bringing the emergency vehicle to a stop upon which the armed suspects took several items from the vehicle. Sadly the child died at the Red Cross Children’s Hospital on Wednesday.

“This is barbaric to say the least, we have lost Ubuntu as people, due to criminal greed, and as a result, we have lost a life of an innocent child.” Mbalula said.

The Minister is calling on all in law enforcement to vigilantly police the highway in terms of their operational plans. A further call is made to communities residing along the N2 to work with police in order to ensure safety for all.

“While the settlement of communities along freeways is the consequence of poor settlement design, our responsibility in law enforcement is safety of all citizens,” Mbalula added.

Minister Mbalula will engage the Western Cape Police Commissioner on the development of a comprehensive integrated plan comprising traffic services, metro police, community volunteers and leaders aimed at eradicating these attacks.

The route links the city centre and other major locations such as the airport. “I am instructing our Police to hunt down these low life criminals, our law enforcement agencies must make an example out of them to teach many.” Mbalula added.

Minister Mbalula further urged communities to work close with the Police and apprehend these barbaric criminals.