To: The Premier of the Western Cape

Att: Honourable Helen Zille

The recent amount of cases being reported on in this province where white hooligans physically and verbally abuse and assault coloured and African people is alarming to say the least. It has now reached the highest level of concern as the latest case being reported on is coming from right under your nose.

Criminal charges were laid against Herman Kruger who is an official of the Western Cape Department of Community Safety. It is said that he chased an African co-worker, Ms A. Ram, out of a government office in Wolwekloof Acadamy, Wolseley on 21 November 2014 by saying: “Get your black ass out of my office. I don’t speak to k*aff*rs”.

This matter was reported to the Wolseley police (CAS 197/11/2014) and Kruger is to appear in the Woleseley Magistrates Court on 21 January 2015. No disciplinary actions regarding this matter was taken against Kruger from your DA-government’s side to this day.

The people of this province has suffered immensly during the violent past of this country. They were tolerant while their true and deserving positions in this land, was being compromised with for the sake of peace and unity for all.

We will not stand by idlely seeing these white monsters raise to this surface again. We will mobilise in our thousands to the court on the said date to support the victim of this hate-crime. A formal complaint regarding this matter will now also be reported to the Human Rights Commission of South Africa, to see true justice being served.

Should justice not be served we will be forced to take matters into our own hands to prove that coloured and African people of the Western Cape will never be trampled on again as in the turbulant apartheid-past. 

Your silence as the political head of this province as well as being the national leader of the ruling DA-party in the Western Cape, lead us to accept that you are condoning these cruel acts performed by the few white boys who think they can do as they please in what they think is the Republic of the Western Cape where apartheid is still alive and kicking.

You have not taken a stand against these white brothers of yours, neither have you assured the citizens of this province that such actions are barbaric and a threat to the democracy we all hold so dear.

You were quick to replace black officials with whites when you took over the leadership of this province. You assured the citizens that the people moving into this office are fit for purpose.

How do you define fit for purpose when the people your government has employed are contributing to the racial tension by referring to their subordinates as “k*ff*rs” within the confines of a government office. Still, you and your window dressing lapdogs Dan Plato and dr. Ivan Meyer choose to remain silent.

The solution lies in true leadership and an urgent response to the desperate plight of the people suffering under the hands of these white thugs. It is up to you to restore the trust of the people in this provincial government. Failure to do so will errupt in chaos.

This letter was issued from the Office of the Western Cape Chairperson of the Economic Freedom Fighters:  Bernard Joseph