We were shocked this morning by the news of the Hon. Mr Collins Chabane’s passing in such a tragic and sudden manner.

On behalf of the IFP, and particularly those in our Caucus who worked with Minister Chabane during his most recent tenure as Minister of Public Service and Administration, I express our condolences to the
Chabane family, to His Excellency the President, to our colleagues in Parliament, and to the African National Congress.

Minister Chabane was an asset to South Africa’s Cabinet and his contribution to the governance of our country will be missed. Having served in the Presidency as the Minister of Performance Monitoring and
Evaluation, Minister Chabane understood the challenges of government and what was required to meet them.

He served his country both before democracy and since, playing the role given to him by his party. He was faithful to the ANC and must be commended for his loyalty. In 1994, he began serving in the Limpopo
Legislature and entered Parliament in 2009. I shall miss his participation in the debates of the National Assembly. We were on different sides of the House, but we respected one another and worked
well together.

We in the IFP are deeply saddened that a road accident has claimed yet another valuable life. This happens all too often on our roads, and brings tremendous pain to our country. We pay tribute also to his two protectors who lost their lives in this accident, and express our condolences to their families in this terrible time of loss.