The Department of Water and Sanitation is encouraging the public to maximize water conservation during this winter season.
Due to lack of rains during winter season, dam levels in North West Province will be affected and are expected to fluctuate and drop. As of 07 June 2021, dam levels read as follows:

Only one current larger dam has remained constant and is as follows:

Klipvoor dam has remained constant since last week at 100.7%;

Some of the dams that continue to drop are:

Disaneng dam at 72.6% to 69.4%; Ngotwane dam from 56.1% to 55.8%; Olifantshoek dam from 49.0% to 48.3%; Koster dam from 53.3% to 52.8%; Lindleyspoort dam from 49.7% to 48.9%;Marico Bosveld dam from 98.1% to 91.9%; Molatedi dam from 54.2% to 53.8%; Madikwe dam from 77.2% to 76.4%; Taung dam from 97.0% to 95.3%; Roodekopjes dam from 103.4%to 100.6%; Vaalkop dam from 87.7 % to 87.1%; Buffelspoort dam from 100.3% to100.1%

However, there has been a slight increase in some of the province’s larger dams, namely: Bospoort dam from 100.1% to 100.7%; Setumo dam from 48.8% to 49.9%; Hartbeespoort dam from 98.7% to 99.3%; Boskop dam from 101.1% to 101.4%

With the current dam levels, it is apparent that we should maximize our efforts towards employing water conservation strategies.