The National Director of Public Prosecutions has noted the front page City Press article published yesterday; to the effect that Minister Gordhan will be charged before Christmas. The article in so far as it relates to the NPA is entirely without merit. The investigations are currently underway and are believed to be at an advance stage.

Although charging an accused person is the prerogative of the police, a decision in respect of this matter will only be made once the investigation has been concluded. It is not in the interest of the
country for the matter to be investigated in perpetuity, hence the National Director has called on the parties involved to accelerate the investigation in order to bring finality to the matter. Any speculation in respect of the matter is undesirable as it will cause unnecessary uncertainty and contribute to instability.

The so-called senior executive from NPA quoted by the paper is dishonest to say the least as he/she is not involved in the matter. The National Director does not meet with detectives hence the article is completely disingenuous.