Pretoria, Wednesday 12 April 2017: The South African Police Service conducted successful operations today, in response to protest marches/demonstrations that took place in Tshwane.

Law enforcement agencies, led by the South African Police Service were deployed in a bid to ensure that public order is maintained in today’s protest march/demonstrations.

In the main, an estimated 20 000 people took part in the march.

We are pleased to report that once again, the people of South Africa heeded our call to conduct themselves in a proper and orderly manner, thereby making our job and responsibility as law enforcement manageable.

It is worth noting, that no major incidents of violence and damage to property were registered.

However, 8 people were arrested by members of the South African Police Service, following a looting at a clothing store in the Tshwane CBD. These sporadic incidents of violence must be condemned and will not be tolerated by the South African Police Service.

“I would like to acknowledge the manner in which protesters exercised their right to protest. In today’s protest action, the people of South Africa observed and acted within the confines of the country’s laws”, said Acting National Police Commissioner, Lieutenant General Khomotso Phahlane.

Members of the South African Police Service and other law enforcement agencies, must be commended for ensuring that all participants and or bystanders were guaranteed a safe and secure environment in which they could express their rights.

As the South African Police Service, we remain committed to ensuring that our members conduct operations , in line with our mandate as provided in section 205 of the Constitution , which provides for amongst others to prevent, combat, maintain public order and uphold the rule of the law.