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No matter how big or small, we should consistently focus on the realisation or restoration of dignity and empowerment through contributions.

There is no greater indignity than the absence of a place to call home. Sadly, the cycle of poor shelter or infrastructure can only be broken if people join together and take action to make a change.

Join the Knights in partnership with Twizza through the legacy of Nelson Mandela towards serving 67 minutes to fellow humans on #MandelaDay at;

Gardenia House, the safe haven for young orphans from the ages of 8 years.

Friday, 17 July 2015


68 Nerina Street

Gardenia Park

Gardenia House is one of the child and youth centres funded by Engo.

Engo is the largest non governmental and non profit organisation in the Free State.

Contact: Marina van der Walt 082 4477 457