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Bleeding Government owned companies to be turned around
Bleeding Government owned companies to be turned around

President Zuma said that Apartheid is to blame for load shedding.

He said that: “The problem is that energy was structured racially to serve a particular race, not the majority, whilst there was a community sitting in the dark. Nobody thought electricity must be taken there. If there was a farmer with a different colour in the middle of that community, the lines will move across all these houses towards that house.”

The past 20 years were not enough to make plans to deliver enough electricity to  South African citizens.

The facts simply do not support any of the opinions from ESKOM itself, from the SA Government, From the ANC and other political organisations or that of the lay public.

The simple salient facts are:

The demand for electricity outstrips the supply and the gap will reach new highs in 2015 (Which will result in massive load shedding)

The annual rate of increase in the production of electricity has declined the past 20 years.

The responsibility for the present failures stops at the ANC as 20 years is enough time to plan to supply electricity to a country.

The lack of planning, poor skills, huge salaries and other major problems at ESKOM is ultimately the responsibility of President Zuma and the ANC Government.

This is not good, bad or playing a blame game, it is simply what it is.