As a follow up to the recent xenophobic attacks in Durban in April this year, Special Assignment goes in search of Vincent Chumba, a Zimbabwean national and one of the victims that we spoke to in April. 25-year old Chumba, a hawker, was attacked and left for dead by an angry mob who tried to dismember him with a blunt knife. Vincent miraculously survived the two-day attack.

Special Assignment goes in search of Chumba’s perpetrators and discovers that the ringleader is in jail. We speak to Chumba’s friend and fellow African national, Daniel Kaliati, and Vincent’s father, who reunited with his son after discovering through Special Assignment, what happened to him.

We bring you an update on the Chatsworth refugee camp, where about 600 migrants remain in a state of limbo, unable to reintegrate into communities three months after the xenophobic violence that rocked Durban.

The atmosphere among the traumatised refugees in the camp is of paranoia, fear and suspicion. When Special Assignment producer Frank Ferro and Malawian national Daniel Kaliati, enter the camp, a tense standoff between the refugees and Frank and Daniel, ensues. Police presence barely manages to contain the crowd’s anger.

Watch this week’s Special Assignment to find out about Vincent’s arduous road to recovery, his reunion with his family and, with the help of the Zimbabwean Consul General and the police, plans to bring his perpetrators to book and to arrest all of his attackers, most of who are roaming free.

“LEFT FOR DEAD” is produced by Frank Ferro and will be broadcast on Special Assignment – Sundays on SABC 3 at 20h30. Repeated Wednesdays at 23h30.