Latest SA Police statement regarding the alleged Mugabe assault



The Ministry of Police  wishes to make the following update on the matter as reported:

1.  The suspect in the matter made arrangements acceptable to SAPS that she would present herself to SAPS Police Station in Sandton yesterday, 15 August 2017 at 10H00. The time scheduled was changed several times. By end of business yesterday she had failed to present herself as arranged.
Her attorneys and government of Zimbabwe representatives did arrive at the Police Station in Sandton for channels of cooperation.
2.  The purpose of the arrangement was to obtain a warning statement, obtain the suspects version if any and present the docket to NPA for a decision whether to prosecute or not.
3.  The suspect lawyers and her government representatives made verbal representations to SAPS investigators that the suspect wished to invoke cover of diplomatic immunity.
4.  Subsequently, the Government of Zimbabwe has dispatched a diplomatic note verbale to the Department of International Relations and Coopertion invoking said Diplomatic Immunity cover.
5.  The suspect remains in South Africa and has not departed the Republic, we are advised her itenerary includes amongst private matters her attendance and participation at the scheduled SADC Heads of States/Governments Summit and Bi-lateral Diplomatic Meetings already
underway in Pretoria.

Discussions with the suspect’s lawyers and the Zimbabwean High Commission representatives are taking place to make sure that the suspects is processed through the legal system.