The Inkatha Freedom Party welcomes the arrest of a Bergville municipal councillor who was found in possession of 41kg of dagga with a street value of R82 000 in Ladysmith.

“The Ladysmith police must be commended for being alert and arresting the councillor as this is a serious offence. Drugs are destroying our families and communities. It is highly unacceptable that a councillor who is supposed to work in the best interests of the community that he is called upon to serve, is found to be engaged in criminal activity. Often unscrupulous people see the drug trade as a quick way to get rich without any thought to the misery that they bring to our people.

Our youth especially are easily attracted by drug dealers who entice them with free samples of drugs only to get them hooked. We must do all that is necessary to ensure that we keep our communities drug-free zones. We urge the police to speed up their investigations and ensure that this councillor is brought to trial without delay”, said Emnambithi IFP Councillor Abbas Warasally.