The Inkatha Freedom Party calls for the immediate suspension of National Police Commissioner, General Riah Phiyega and all SAPS members directly involved in the Lonmin mine massacre, following the release of the summarized Marikana report findings by President Jacob Zuma, earlier this evening.

IFP Spokesperson on Police, Mr Albert Mncwango, MP, said,” The summarized findings of the report clearly indicate grave tactical and judgmental errors on the side of the National Police Commissioner, Riah Phiyega and many other SAPS members involved in the tragedy at Lonmin mine. These errors in judgment lead to the loss of 44 lives. The IFP has always contended that National Police Commissioner, Riah Phiyega, was never fit to hold office as she did not have the requisite training and experience coming, as she did, from a civilian background.”

“The other issue is the blanket exoneration of the findings for any culpability of members of the executive. We find this hard to believe given the clear involvement of some members of the executive in this matter. We shall conduct a full study of the report as soon as it is available,” concluded Mncwango.