Pretoria: Between May and September 2012, the accused approached vulnerable and unsuspecting women and offered to take them to a place where they will be hired. He will use a road that pass through a bush. Once in a secluded place he raped  and robbed them. He will thereafter bind them with wires and material. Some of them were bound to a tree and gagged with their own panties.

The state argued that the offences were premeditated and planned, committed in the most savage and brutal manner. We argued further there were no substantial  and compelling circumstances justifying  a deviation and that the prescribed minimum sentences ought to be imposed.

The accused was convicted and sentenced on 3 counts of rape to 3 life sentences, on 7 counts of Robbery with aggravating circumstances to 15 years imprisonment on each count, on 6 counts of rape where life imprisonment was not applicable to 10 years imprisonment on each count, on 9  counts of kidnapping to 3 years on each count, on 3 counts of sexual assault 1 year imprisonment on each count.

He was effectively sentenced to serve 3 life sentences as the other sentences will run concurrently with the sentences of life.

The NPA welcomes the sentences. The heavy sentences are in line with our commitment to combat sexual offences and gender based violent crimes. We further commend Advocates  Juliet Makwatha and B Maoke for meticulously presenting the state case.