The Inkatha Freedom Party calls upon the Department of Transport to ensure stringent enforcement of road traffic rules with highly visible traffic policing in order to end the continuous bloodshed and carnage on South Africa’s roads.

IFP Spokesperson on Transport Mr Petros Sithole, MP said, “The recent report released by the Minister of Transport, Ms Dipou Peters, is a sad indictment on the poor state of road safety in South Africa, with more than 5000 people already perishing on our roads in the second quarter of 2015”.

“We call for a higher visibility of traffic officials on our roads, full oversight and monitoring of Traffic officials in order to eradicate corruption and comprehensive prosecution of those found to be in contravention of our traffic laws and regulations. The ‘arrive alive’ campaign needs to be enhanced and pedestrians need more education on pedestrian crossings,” added Mr Sithole.

“The IFP sends it deepest condolence to the families who have lost loved ones in the recent spate of vehicle accidents on our roads,” concluded Mr Sithole.