Peetoria- The Directorate for Priority Crime Investigation (DPCI), commonly known as the Hawks, would like to set the record straight in that the directorate has not opened any formal investigation regarding the FIFA saga that has flooded the public arena of late.

However we can confirm that we have received documents from Freedom Front Plus, a political party in South Africa concerning the FIFA issues, and we have opened an inquiry file so that we investigate contents of the documents.

We have not received any correspondence from the FBI or United States authorities, who are at the centre of the FIFA controversy investigations and as the directorate we have no jurisdiction to be investigating the matter.

The speculations that have been doing the rounds claiming that Hawks are investigating SAFA President Dr Danny Jordaan and other SAFA officials are simply malicious, baseless and unfounded.

We receive information from members of the public and institutions regarding matters of fraud, corruption and other high profile cases almost on a daily basis and we open inquiry files on such information, so there is nothing special about us looking into the matter as presented to us by the FF Plus.

No case have been opened against anybody in relation to the FIFA scandal and as such no formal investigation has been instituted.