The EFF Students Command was invited to convene with the Evidence Task Team of the Free Education Commission early morning of the 7th of July 2016.

The EFFSC honoured the invitation with the quest to further reiterate the sentiments of disdain towards the cowardice process put in motion by Jacob Zuma which is disguised as an objective to investigate the feasibility of free and well resourced education but is, in its true essence, a delay tactic.
The EFFSC is well aware that the request to convene forwarded to us was a means to attempt to intellectually ridicule the intelligence of the student populace of the country as the stance of the students was loud and clear in the year 2015, Fees Must Fall. This however, has been a thread of communication that has been dumped in the rubbish bin by the ANC government.

Despite numerous and various reports available on how our country can afford free education, Jaco
b Zuma and his friends, as usual, showed their inability to engage with the masses and to lead the country by ignoring the well investigated reports on the feasibility of free education. The EFFSC is well aware of the attempt to silence the student voice through another meaningless commission.

The EFFSC was requested to make a documented submission to the Evidence Task Team to aid the Free
Education Commission despite the closing date having come and gone. This corrupt nature is one amongst
many other reasons why the EFFSC will not participate in this debauchery. We will not legitimise the failure of
the ANC. They have Sasco and Afriforum to do their dirty work for them.

To further attempt to spit in the face of the bearers of this fake democracy of the ANC,the Evidence Task Team is also inclusive of Prof Themba Mosia, an expert on inflicting violence and oppression towards students on behalf of white monopoly capital. Themba Mosia has put a painful destructive end to the education of numerous Black students at Tshwane University of Technology and further maintained white supremacy, exploitation of outsourced workers and the forced invisibility of Black students at the University of Pretoria.

Participating in this ludicrous commission exercise will be equivalent to condoning the gruesome behaviour of Prof Mosia in our universities, police brutality against protesting students and essentially, it will be actively giving up the fight for free education now; a stance that has been the sole identity of the EFF Students Command.

Let it be known that we are entering a very volatile phase in the fight for free education. One that will require us to ostracise anyone who endorses the Free Education Commission. We must not allow the ANC to use our genuine struggle to deter us from attaining free education in our lifetime